How to setup a free Google Apps mail account for your own domain

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I currently offer the outstanding website creation and managing tool Escala Pronta CMS. This is an excellent tool for creating  high quality websites that rank well in search engines and can be used with your own domain. We don’t provide email with Pronta CMS so you can host your email wherever you wish. We often recommend Google’s applications on your domain because it is a really great service and it is free.

If you want to use Google’s service, you can set it up yourself, or if you need our help we can do it for you for a one-time US$50 fee. For more information or to order this service, please contact us.

Instructions on how to setup Google Apps Mail

1. Go to and click on messaging


2. Click on the button at the right “See details and sign up”


3. This will take go to the premier edition which you will have to pay for. Although you can sign up for that you can can also just go for the standard edition which is free. Click on standard edition under the ‘begin free trial” button. (see image at right).


4.  Click on “get started”


5. Click on administrator, I own or control this domain and click on “get started”


6. Fill in your information on this page


7. Fill in your user name and password and agree to the conditions and click “I accept and continue with setup”


8. Now you need to verify to Google that you do actually own the specified domain name. To do that you can either upload an html file to your server or change your cname record. Google will check this and this may take 48 hours to complete.


9. Now go back to the dashboard screen and click on activate email just under mail tab. This will take you an instructions screen on how to change your MX records. For this you will need access to your domain name (either at your hosting company or domain register)


10.. Once that is done you are ready to go and you can use your email address online or set it up in email clients like Outlook or Apple Mail.

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